Jimbé Carroll

Who I Am
From a background in fine art, photography became his canvas. Attended School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. His entering major was Illustration, which phased to Commercial Photography.

Lived and worked in Alphabet City in the war zone days.
He landed his 1st job as a photographer for a modeling agency.
While shooting and building his book, he photographed local fashion shows for aspiring designers at various dance clubs.      He opened a studio in the Tribeca area of Manhattan and photographed lines apparel for designers. Joining the photographic technical team who handled Estee’ Lauder and Channel accounts, he was 1st assistant on the set product where he crafted his product imagery.
Twice a year for three seasons he shot the New York Collections for Fall and Spring.  Assisting photographers on news assignments, his work in photojournalism developed leading him to cover hard news and entertainment. His personal work includes documenting Yoruba and Voodoo ceremonies of the Haitian culture.

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What I Do
1 Apparel
2 Music
3 Journalism
4 Product
5 Social gatherings
6 Fine Art
7 Interiors

1 Style: The clothing dictates the way I execute the final output of the image. The lighting, the location, and the mood has to all be in synch with what I’m photographing. But as happens, I also embrace the unplanned visual “mishaps” when technique and instinct interact and unexpected wonders occur in and outside of the camera.

2 Music: Music and Photography, for me, are a match made to be. In my work involving musicians,
I want to create the vision of the sound I hear in their music in the image I produce.
Sound and Vision- also one of my fav. D. Bowie tracks

3 Journalism: My first taste of Journalistic News Gathering was when a cafe’ on 72nd street and Broadway collapsed in front of me on my way to Fairway Market. I was the only one there with a camera. I called for help and shot. That was my 1st hard-news publication; for the New York Daily News-as it was know then. Good photojournalism is not just showing but telling life without words; but they do come in handy

4 Product: In my commercial and product imagery I like getting to the main point for the client, then to the potential customer. I notice the client smiles when that happens. That is the premise of the photograph. The less you have to figure out, the better..unless the image is intended to stir the imagination

5 Social gatherings: What can I say, ? I like people and the more the merrier. I like being in the mix, as a friend of mine tells me. Sustaining a memory of an event in images completes the process.

6 Fine Art: Everyone has their vision and interpretation of life around them. In my fine art work the images are there to entice your thoughts and give you a closer look into MY psyche. Fine art prints are made as Limited Edition prints with a certificate of authenticity.

7 Interiors: I like a put-together environment and I like a comfortable one also when I’m working.
So, interiors have to contain a breathing quality to them like the people who inhabit them. I look at the interior as an extension of the person in it.


Fine arts exhibitions:
2000: Group show at Landmark Gallery, Harlem
2001: Multimedia exhibition in private show, Washington Heights
2003: Featured in the Genesis II Museum, Harlem
2006: Group show at CASA FRELA GALLERY, Harlem
2007: Solo exhibition at CASA FRELA GALLERY, Harlem
2009: Group show in NYS Division of Human Rights Adopt-A-Wall
2010: Solo exhibition at Billies Black, Harlem
2011: Group show at the Schomburg Center “Harlem Views/Diasporan Visions” The New Harlem Renaissance Photographers                                                                                 2012:Group show at Harlem State Office Building               “Celebrating Our Sons”                                                             2013: Group show at Malcolm X Betty Shabazz Center          “Peace & Protest”                                                                             2014: Group installation in SEE ME                                      “TIMES SQUARE TAKE OVER”                                                                                      

Out Magazine, Italian Vogue, New York Beacon, Sista II Sisa, The Village Voice, and Vibe.

Most imagery is available for print and electronic licensing.
All photographs are Copyright © 2006-2014 Jimbe’ Carroll, All Rights Reserved.
To inquire about licensing reproduction rights, please contact:
Jimbe’ Carroll,
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